what is an LMS system ?

what is an LMS system ?

What is LMS and how to choose the right one

The LMS / LCMS system (Learning Management System / Learning Content Management System) is an e-learning platform, thanks to which we can conduct training on the Internet – which can significantly expand the group of our recipients. LMS platforms are also often used in companies to deliver content and educational resources to employees. The ability to manage courses allows you to monitor the progress of students, and the fact that they are available in one place makes it much easier for users to use them.


LMS effectively improves the process of acquiring knowledge, encourages the setting and implementation of goals and facilitates the work of teachers and trainers, among others thanks to transparent and accurate statistics.


Some examples of LMS / LCMS systems

So what are the most popular, top rated and best customized e-learning platforms?

Moodle – A free online learning management system that provides educators worldwide with an open source e-learning solution that is scalable, configurable and secure. The platform gives a lot of possibilities, and is additionally supported by an active network of certified Moodle partners who care about the highest quality of the platform. It’s worth mentioning that Moodle offers a free trial version.

INTUO is a platform that includes an overarching learning management system. In INTUO you can easily record and distribute your courses, and you can test the acquired knowledge using quizzes. In order to confirm and reward the knowledge and effort of users, the platform offers the possibility of giving certificates or praise. The LMS in INTUO is part of the platform that also measures the impulses of engagement, allows you to set goals and gives us the opportunity to receive feedback. Additionally, we have access to an in-depth analysis. This allows you to combine learning with other aspects of performance management.

LMS Talent – award-winning LMS ideal for conducting interesting and engaging online training. Combines support for many types of files and multimedia (presentations, movies, iFrame, SCORM, etc.). The platform simplifies and strengthens the entire training process, helping users to create courses, seminars, training programs and to organize educational materials. This LMS has been built for companies of all sizes that believe in educating employees to advance their careers.

Lessonly is a training software that over 3 million students and 900 companies use to learn, practice and do better jobs. Lessonly is SCORM compliant, it also allows mobile learning and the creation of a profile for each user.

A little help in choosing an LMS / LCMS system

Of course, there are more such systems for creating e-learning content, they have different functions that will be useful in different situations. To find the best offer for us, make friends withFindanLMS – an online platform that will allow you to find the LMS you need.

The creator of the website encourages us to make a kind of “game plan” – that is, ask the right questions about choosing the right LMS – which will allow us to narrow down the area of   search and allow us to predict possible difficulties. Therefore, before starting your search, it is worth answering the following questions:

What are your goals in the LMS?

What do you want to achieve with this?

What are the requirements for this LMS?

What is your operating system, what browser are you using?

Who will be the user of this system – employees, customers?

Do you want access to your materials also via mobile devices?

FindanLSMis a search engine for e-learning systems best suited to our needs. The “game plan” is there to help us understand what we really need.

After finding the right system, the best part of the fun begins, which is creating the very content that we want to convey to our students. Software features streamline the creative process and help you create fun and informative courses. E-learning is therefore learning through play.

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